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Our Des Moines Firm Proves Owner/Landlord Responsibility

Recover in premises liability claims

Iowa law imposes responsibilities on owners and landlords to maintain property, to warn people about known dangers and, in some instances, to inspect the property regularly for defects. You may have a valid claim against a property owner whose breach of duty causes you harm.

The Hope Law Firm, PLC helps injury victims throughout Des Moines, West De Moines and the state with recovering damages for injuries sustained because of negligent people or corporations. Our personal injury lawyers offer a free case evaluation, during which we can assess whether the landlord owed you a duty of care and breached that duty, thereby causing your injuries.

Common breaches of duty by commercial businesses

Common premises liability claims arising from breaches of property owners’ duties include:

  • Slip and fall — Grocery store employees must be vigilant about dropped produce, broken bottles and spilled liquids that present slip and fall hazards. When a slip risk is detected, the supermarket is responsible for immediately surrounding the area with warning cones while it is being cleaned or posting an employee near the area to keep customers from walking through until it is safe to do so.
  • Falling object — Overstocked shelves, defective scaffolding and unattached air conditioning units present serious hazards to people walking below. Companies have a duty to secure hard or sharp objects so they do not fall onto somebody’s head.
  • Dog bite — Owners are typically responsible for injuries their dogs or other animals inflict on others. However, the owner has a defense if the person who was bit was acting unlawfully.
  • Attractive child nuisance — The law recognizes that children lack the maturity and experience to realize and appreciate dangers. Owners of pools, trampolines, playground equipment and other items that are likely to attract children are responsible for taking special precautions.
  • Drowning — Public pool owners can prevent drowning by implementing crucial safety measures, such as marking depths clearly, hiring lifeguards, placing caps over suction ports, making flotation devices easily accessible and keeping an automated external defibrillator (AED) on the premises.
  • Negligent security — Assailants look for dark, hidden places to wait, easy access to their victims and opportunities to avoid being identified or caught. What constitutes adequate security depends on the nature and use of the premises and the expectations of the guests. Attendees at a hockey game would reasonably expect numerous cameras and security guards patrolling the area, for example. Sufficient lighting and controlled entrance and exit protocols are important safety measures in a parking garage. Lighted, exposed entranceways prevent assaults at residential apartment buildings.

Owners are liable for their property and for any damages resulting from defects they fail to address.

Hold owners accountable for their property defects

The Hope Law Firm, PLC holds owners and landlords accountable for harm caused by their defective property. Our personal injury attorneys can build a strong case against the owner of the property at which you were injured and obtain the compensation you deserve. Learn more about your rights by calling our office at 515.255.3559 or by contacting us online. Your case evaluation is free. Under our contingency fee policy, you pay no attorney fees unless we recover damages for you.


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