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Our Des Moines Lawyers Represent Children with Trampoline Injuries

Collecting compensation from manufacturers and property owners

Many people incorrectly view trampolines as toys. But almost 92,000 children are treated in emergency rooms every year for trampoline-related injuries. For this reason, the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) discourages parents from allowing trampoline use, calling it “a major injury risk for kids” with “no clear way to reduce chances of getting hurt.”

The Hope Law Firm, PLC holds manufacturers and property owners responsible for negligent injuries to children resulting from accidents on trampolines, in swimming pools and on playground equipment. Jumping on a trampoline is fun, but your children likely do not appreciate the risks involved. Our premises liability lawyers know that property owners should act responsibly when setting up and maintaining trampolines and allowing use of the dangerous equipment. We also go after manufacturers for defective trampolines that place your children’s safety in jeopardy.

Trampoline accident injuries

Trampolines were first designed as a training tool for gymnasts, acrobats and members of the military. As they became more affordable, their recreational use rose, and so did trampoline injuries. A property owner might set up the trampoline incorrectly, leave children unsupervised or allow horseplay, thereby increasing the chance of injury. Children risk falling onto the springs or off the side or landing in a way that causes injury. Also, two or more kids jumping at once can ram into each other.

A child risks a variety of injuries, including:

  • Broken neck
  • Spinal cord damage
  • Head trauma
  • Paralysis
  • Fractured bones
  • Lacerations
  • Strains and sprains

Trampoline injuries may result in permanent disability or death.

Minimizing the risks of trampoline use

Owners have a duty to minimize risks associated with trampolines located on their premises. Unfortunately, your children may be placed at risk of injury if the property owner:

  • Sets up the trampoline near hard objects, such as trees, poles or fences
  • Has no surrounding padding, such as tall grass or foam, around the trampoline
  • Does not cover the spring system with padding
  • Has equipment that is in disrepair
  • Assembles the trampoline bed too high
  • Fails to adequately supervise children playing on the trampoline
  • Allows children to somersault and roughhouse on the trampoline
  • Permits more than one child to jump on the equipment at one time
  • Permits children to jump from the trampoline to the ground
  • Does not use a fence or cover or remove the ladder to prevent children from playing on the trampoline without supervision

Even an owner who did not invite your child to play on the trampoline may be held liable for injuries. Under Iowa trespass laws, the owner may be responsible for injuries caused to a trespassing child, especially if the property contains an enticement, such as a trampoline, slide or pool.

Hold property owners responsible for your child’s injuries

The Hope Law Firm, PLC helps Des Moines parents recover on behalf of their injured children. Recover damages from the negligent trampoline owner responsible for your child’s injuries by calling 515.255.3559 or by contacting us online. Your case assessment is complimentary. Under our contingency fee arrangement, you pay no legal fees unless we recover damages for your child.


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