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Our Iowa Firm Protects Clients’ Rights in Truck Accident Claims

Recover damages for your injuries in a Des Moines vehicle crash

The Hope Law Firm, PLC in West Des Moines represents victims of truck accidents. Our personal injury attorneys take on the most challenging cases involving truck driver errors and tractor-trailer corporate negligence.

If you sustained injuries in an auto crash, Hope is there for you. We explore the cause of the truck accident and take decisive steps to recover the maximum possible damages for your claim. We act as your advocates until closure of your case and do not bill you for attorney fees unless we recover damages on your behalf.

Rollover accidents

Commercial vehicles can become top-heavy if they are improperly loaded. In such a condition, trucks that make sharp turns, especially in strong crosswinds, are prone to rollover accidents. Not only is the truck driver at risk of injury, but the lives of nearby motorists are also endangered, since a truck can easily crush a passenger car or suddenly block an adjacent lane and cause a collision.

Jackknife accidents

When a tractor-trailer brakes suddenly at a high speed, the trailer may swerve into an adjacent lane, cutting a wide swath through traffic. Passenger cars can be swept from the road and forced to collide with other vehicles and fixed objects. The trailer becomes a solid wall, often prompting a chain-reaction pileup. Weather is often a factor in jackknife accidents. Commercial truck drivers may claim that a negligent motorist cut them off, giving them no choice but to apply the brakes.

Truck parking and backing up

Trucks generally have large blind spots that prevent the driver from seeing pedestrians, bikers and motorists behind the vehicle. The backup warning beep may alert a person in the truck’s path too late, especially if the truck driver is in a rush to park. A truck that is parking or backing up can cause a pedestrian, automobile or motorbike accident.

Transporting equipment with trailers

Hauling equipment behind a tractor or other vehicle requires attention and skill. An inexperienced or careless driver may take a turn too fast or switch lanes without accurately calculating the space available. In addition, improperly loaded equipment may fall onto the roadway in front of other motorists and cause automobile accidents.

Downhill braking

A tractor-trailer needs more time to stop because of its weight and size. When a driver is traveling downhill, gravity adds to the distance needed to step on the brake and come to a complete stop. Worn brakes may fail in this situation, especially during icy or rainy conditions, resulting in a runaway 18-wheeler.

Obtain the compensation you deserve for your semi-truck accident injuries

The Hope Law Firm, PLC evaluates your truck accident claim and advises you on your options and potential outcomes. A personal injury attorney conducts a complete, complimentary case evaluation to provide you with an accurate assessment and to develop a strategic plan of action. Call our law firm at 515.255.3559 or contact us online to schedule your appointment at our Des Moines office today.


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